Selling a home that you have spent hard earned money and sweat equity in over the years ain’t easy. It’s emotional, it’s distracting, it’s downright stressful. To make matters worse, in some cases it can be complicated. No matter how prepared you may or may not be there are always questions.

We have put together a list of some of the top questions that sellers have asked our buyers and realtors.

The thought of clearing out a home that has been a catchall for everything you have acquired over the last however many years can send people into cold sweats. Then of course there is all those home repair projects that never got finished. Some of these can even get in the way of a “Typical Realtor” wanting to list the property for sale.

However, in most cases there is no need to pull out your hair over this. “As-is” purchases are common place in today’s world. So, take a breath and know that there is often a lot less for homeowners to do. So before spending months and thousands of dollars trying to upgrade to last month’s issue of Better Homes and Gardens give us a call. You just might be pleasantly surprised.

The simple answer? It’s worth what people are willing to pay for it.

The long answer? The price of your home will depend on factors such as size, neighborhood, condition, upgrades, repairs, previous situations like flood, and fire damage. Basically, there are a lot of factors that go into finding the value of a property. It’s in our nature to put more value onto something when it has an emotional connection to us. The flaws then become personal when a non-emotionally attached person seems to find all of them. Maybe even a few you didn’t notice yourself.

Instead of taking it personally you can always look at similar houses in style, size, and condition that have recently sold in your neighborhood. While every property is different and tend to have their own positives or challenges, this is a good way of trying to gauge what the property value may be.

Comps or Comparative Market Analysis of your neighborhood is the best way to find the value of the property in its best condition and or current condition.

Nationally the average can be a little deceiving. While condition, price, location, and market demand is different from city to city the national average for 2018 is about 83 days on market.

In February 2018, Realtor.com data showed that properties were selling 8% quicker than the same time last year—staying on the market for a median of only 83 days!(1) In March 2018, the data found that homes sold (at least!) a whole week faster than last year in 36% of the largest housing markets in the country—averaging 63 days on the market.(2)

Take into account that there was a major uptick in new builds across the nation and that most builders do not actually list properties with traditional realtors. This number could be lower or higher.

After August 25th, 2017, the Houston market was severely slowed down by the devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey. A lot of those houses have been remodeled in the affected area only to sit on the market past 100 days and at much lower prices than earlier anticipated.

While price is king and goes a long way to sell fast somethings don’t change. There are just some slow selling area’s and if the property is priced to high it just won’t sell quickly.

It’s a split decision here. Most realtors would scream to the Heavens “NO!” While wholesalers are hit and miss whether they care or not. The main reason it’s inappropriate for a seller to be present is that it tends to make buyers shy in asking questions. Remember an unsure buyer is not a buyer, just a looker.
Typical Realtor agent fees are 3% buyers side and 3% sellers side with the seller picking up the tab for both. So basically, you are already starting off at only 94% of the sales price. Don’t shoot the messenger!

This question is asked on a regular basis and rightly so. It seems that these days everyone either has a Realtor friend or family member. Sprinkle in the dozens of shows on cable about flipping, rehabbing, investing in houses DIY style and this whole thing can be confusing. So here goes.

Firstly, being a Realtor is a tough job, they can go months without getting a paycheck. The average Realtor in Houston, TX which is widely considered as a real estate gold mine is $42,060 according to https://www1.salary.com/TX/Houston/real-estate-agent-Salary.html.
So, can you really blame them for listing your property at crazy high prices while highly suggesting that you spend thousands of bucks in repairs? We have added a calculator here just in case you were curious.

A wholesale company or house buyers could possibly have licensed realtors as well. Typically, but not always there is at least one realtor in the bunch. A wholesale company is pretty much just what it sounds like. The companies typically but not always purchase distressed or unwanted properties at a discount. Having said that, there are some sellers who just do not want to deal with the hassle that comes with dealing with realtors or selling themselves on for sale by owner’s sites, newspapers, or bandit signs.

Another difference is speed. If a seller needs to relocate or needs the cash fast then they may want to go with a wholesaler instead of a realtor. A typical wholesale contract is 30 days or less. While a listing agreement can tie a property up for 6 months or more……

At Irie Properties we understand that life has it’s many challenges. Some days it may even seem like Chicken Little was right and the sky really is falling. While we may not be able to help with every issue that comes your way the one thing we can help with is reducing the stress of selling your property. We are fast, thorough, and strive to keep the hassle out of the whole process.

No Matter What Your Needs May Be. We Can Help.

While every situation is different there seem to be 10 challenges that recur consistently.


Going through probate can be a very emotional and tiring ordeal. Some probate proceedings can take upwards of 6 months or more. Dealing with lawyers and court appointed mediators is hard enough, add in your family and the overall process of it all and the stress just seems to drown you.

How we can help?

With information provided from the heirs and the title company we are able to close the property fast and often times without the seller’s going to court. Our experts help guide you through the process of heirship affidavits https://www.farrensheehanlaw.com/real-estate/affidavits-of-heirship/ and/or Muniment of Title http://bradie-law.com/practice-areas/probate-law/probate-as-muniment-of-title/ *The links are intended for informational purposes only. These companies are in no way affiliated with Irie Properties LLC, and or its Affiliates.*

Even with when there is no Last Will & Testament we can usually close within 30 days as long as all parties provide the information and supporting documents in a timely manner.

Laid Off/Lost Job

As the economy changes so changes companies like retailers, oil and gas, medical services, manufacturing, and construction just to name a few. Lose of a job puts families in danger of foreclosure, damaged credit, and at times insurmountable debt.

How we can help?

We can close fast to get you that equity out of your house that you need so that you can safely and comfortably navigate through the rough patch following a layoff. We can often times offer a short-term leaseback after the sale so that the family doesn’t need to be uprooted right away.

Unwanted Inheritance

An inherited property can sometimes be a blessing and other times be a challenge. For those who live in another state it can be downright frustrating. Being liable for a property that you have not seen in years or possibly have never seen can create problems all on its own. Being responsible while not be able to control the everyday dealings can possibly lead to loss of money or even litigation if something were to happen outside of your control on the property.

How we can help?

This one is pretty simple. We will buy it from you regardless of condition. Even if you are out of state we will work with the title company and mobile notaries to ensure a hassle-free process at no extra charge to you.

Tax Liens/Behind on payments

Being behind on taxes or payments can seem like a deep hole to pull yourself out of. As time goes on it seems like the only thing you can do is slowly chip away at the always increasing late fees.

How we can help?

These can be difficult and are taken by a case by case basis. Irie Properties LLC does NOT loan money to get current. However, if it is possible for us to purchase your property we can pull you current before purchase.

Pending Foreclosure

This may be one of the heaviest weights a person can have on their shoulders. We hate to be dramatic but the thought of standing on the tracks and watching the train coming straight for you comes to mind. The bank, the trustee’s, the tons of letters from companies wanting a piece of you? It’s rough.

How we can help?

We have built relationships with banks and trustees over time, which helps us delay foreclosure so that we can purchase the house before the bank assumes ownership. Combined with being able to close quickly we are able to provide the sellers with something monetary rather than nothing if that bank were to take it. We will give you the comfort in the knowledge that you will walk away with money in your pocket and keep from getting a credit killing foreclosure on your record.


Surprisingly this one is a popular one. Houston and it’s many energy, railroad, and manufacturing industries seems bring as many people into town as they ship out of town on short notice. A quote from one of our oil and gas business clients “This company ships me around the world more than the military ever did.” If you have been given short notice of a relocation or maybe things just got so busy that you ran out of time we understand.

How we can help?

It doesn’t matter where you end up we can assure you of a low stress easy to understand process. Whether you end up in another country, across the country, or only a state away we can close using mobile notary, US embassies, banks, and lawyers. We will take care of everything as far as title work and closings go.

Water/Fire Damage

Fire can decimate not only property but memories as well. This one of those horrible situations that can happen no matter how much you are prepared for it. What is left behind can be one of the most heartbreaking and gut wrenching clean ups ever. In most cases people chose not to rebuild for reasons that are personal to them.

Water damage can come in many different forms, from a leaking pipe, to an overflowing tub, to the always disgusting sewer line breaking. As we all saw the events of 8/25/2017 created damage not seen in Houston since September 8th, 1900. The aftermath left behind far outlasted the water. The after effects are still being felt now as this is being written. Sadly, we are still dealing with houses that have not been remediated. These toxic properties are not only a danger to the occupants but to the neighborhood as well. https://agrilifeextension.tamu.edu/solutions/water-damage-restoration-clean-up-checklist/ *The links are intended for informational purposes only. These companies are in no way affiliated with Irie Properties LLC, and or its Affiliates.*


How we can help?

Fire: Even though it may seem hopeless most times we are still able to purchase these types of properties. It’s worth giving us a call and seeing what we can do for you.

Water: Unfortunately, almost every house buying company in Houston and the surrounding areas has become an expert in these types of properties. Regardless of whether we are the ones purchasing your home or not one thing remains the same. It is not safe to live in a home that was not properly cleaned and repaired after a flood. You are putting your health at a severe risk. https://www.probuilder.com/five-steps-proper-mold-remediation *The links are intended for informational purposes only. These companies are in no way affiliated with Irie Properties LLC, and or its Affiliates.*


We pride ourselves on our professionalism and discretion no matter who our sellers may be. In these cases, we can work closely with the direct sellers or their representatives.

How we can help?

We can work seamlessly with both parties to quickly purchase the home and remove the unwanted extra stress during these times.


As time goes by repairs start to mount up on your property. It could be money issues that get in the way, or an extremely busy schedule. There could be medical reasons or extenuating circumstances that lead to repairs not being done throughout the years. As with anything houses get old, they get outdated, things break. We can only deny for so long that shag carpet hasn’t gone out of style. Whatever the reason that the house has fallen into disrepair or has long gone out of style, give us a call.

How we can help?

The AS-IS factor is probably the most common call we get. Spending thousands and thousands of dollars to keep up with the Jones’s sometimes just isn’t possible. A realtor will ask you to spend thousands of dollars so as to try and “maximize” your sale. It also gets them a bigger commission. The sad truth is that you may spend ten thousand dollars and only make five thousand of it back. It starts to become counterproductive after a while.

Give us a call and we will work to get you a fair cash offer that you can be happy with.

Tired landlord, Troubled Rental

Yeah, these are a pain. There are many different scenarios here that make people want to sell. The house is just falling apart and is killing the landlord’s bank account without much return. Landlords may have to spend weeks at a time chasing down renters who owe them rent. It’s vacant and has been for a while. The ever-dreaded urban myth about pouring concrete down the toilet is keeping you up at night. It’s just time to retire and not worry about tenants any more.

How can we help?

Well first, we buy houses, apartments, condo’s, townhomes, retail spaces, commercial buildings, land, and pretty much everything else that has land and a tax id number. We have years of experience dealing with tenants and all the laws that go around getting them in and out of a property of any type. We ALWAYS abide by the law that protect both seller and tenant. Also, did we mention we buy stuff. It’s kinda our thing. So, if it’s not your thing anymore give us a call. We will take it off your hands.


*The links are intended for informational purposes only. These companies are in no way affiliated with Irie Properties LLC, and or its Affiliates.*